Full Term: Mother

I am your mother. 
I have trouble seeing what is not in front of me.
I plan too much, transition awkwardly, and intimidate unknowingly. 
I expect a lot. 

I will meet the challenge to think about you, more than you think about you, head on. 

I will retreat into myself and be lost,
I will insist on venturing out further than you’re comfortable. 

I will think I know what I’m doing. 
I will think I’m right. 

I will lead you to be proud, that leads to fall.
I will lead you to go boldly, for real confidence. 

I ask for help, and I will show you how. 
I say what I want, and I will show you how.

I throw away plans, I transition in a heartbeat, I become low.
I expect a lot,
from Him that I cannot see in front me. 

I am your mother.

Photo by Taylor Sporleder

Photo by Taylor Sporleder