8 year anniversary

When I think of what I owe

When I do not own my own

You are the only one alone -

Aside from the One - I know I owe.


My child’s vibrant laugh,

My own self-control.

My refined faith,

My beauty-filled home.


When I think of what I owe


I think of being alone:

How different it would be,

How much less,

How much unknown.


You are my creditor and I am in your debt.

Today, I remember

What I could not ever


A Postmortem for Your Words

When the world finally dusts

off the covers of your journals,

it will keen:

the groaning of the ships they sail their hearts in

against the razortip whitecaps you composed.

When the planet finally wakes

up to uncover your musings,

it will teem:

the scortched-earth campaign you waged on their hearts

yet wagered they would return again,


Or you could give them

a bit of a head start.

Trust me,

I know how tempting it is to belittle your work

because it is yours.

But nothing could be further from the strength

with which you have been laboring at these oars.

You are farther out here than you think,

only because you haven't had much time up on deck.

But this vessel you share passage in

has cleft a wake of wrecks.

There is home on the other side.

No purpose pretending there is no purpose.

Now write. Now dive.

Or risk pretending you thrive 

at the surface.

There is power in the one you know.

Power in the words 

he lets you have.

There may be Wrath in every syllable.

But there is Love 

in each paragraph.

The Quiet Early Diffuse Dawn

In the quiet early diffuse dawn,

the coffee wafts, our son laughs,

and the stovetop murmers on: 

this is our process now 

for handling the morning,

for lifting shoulders from their laying long.

In the silent first before the yawn,

the eyes are rebels, 

the mind unlevel,

and our son says his banana is all gone:

this is our mechanism for managing 

the quiet early diffuse dawn.



Because to do anything else is to give up on the light

touch you have with heavy subjects.

Because to do all else is fodder for heavy subjects,

those clever cannons you compose.

Write because this was decided for you, not

because this is what you chose.


Because to pen is to pour out, 

and this place is thirsty for your thinking.

Because to give is to receive,

to spill over is the choicest mode of drinking.


Not because you are the best

but because there is no better way to become full.

Not because you need it to fund your body

but because you need it to fund your soul.


Not because it will be

the best story you have heard.

Write because it will not be your story.

Write not because you are author of -

but instead so you become

the word.

For a colleague.

I see you

You have steeled yourself

And the light bounces off of you

Almost as sharply as you must bounce back.

The men in your office

Get to be molten,

Wild fire magma mass-

ively naive.

Unaware what it takes to be you

In their world.

Is it still their world

After all these years?

It certainly is here.

The land of the free, 

the brave

And the zero paid parental leave.

Is it still a place where men forget

they get

the benefit of the clout?

Still a world where you don't know

Who gets paid what

And are left guessing how much

You leave on the table

Just to save a seat at it.

Where are you going?

Of a man who has spent years on a ship blown about in circles, 

you do not say he has had a long voyage,

only that he has been tossed about 

for a very long time.

- Seneca

Where are you going?

Everyone is going somewhere.

What goes up must come down,

what is born must arrive 


at some point.

And you must reach it before death.

But it must all be

within a day's journey -

even a moment's.

Longer, and it is essentially impossible

for some people 

for those who die tonight.

Your goal in life must be one you can achieve

even if you die tonight.

Yet it must be worth spending every day pursuing.

Miracle (Year 1)


I love you, Wesley.

It isn't how much you smile, though that is wonderful. It isn't how much you learn, how long you can focus on a single problem, how you beg for books to be read to you all the time, how you always want to join me in my cooking, and say "hot!" It isn't all the little things, or even what they add up to. It is more basic, more binary than that.

It is that you are ours.

It is that you are.

That is the miracle.

I have asked for many more years with you, as any parent does. But there is no peak knowledge, no peak capacity to a human. You are fully you, as fully as I am me. The potential you have is only icing on a fully baked cake. Any thought less is sacrilege: you are no less than me, you are as much as me - if anything, you are more (unsullied by disenchantment, by insecurity, by selfishness, so quick to love and believe and trust, as if that was what the world was for).



There is one particular thing I want you to learn: scale. So much knowledge can be summed up in comparisons of scale. One of your favorites books right now poses two questions: “What is smaller than a flea?” and “What is bigger than the sky?” The answer to the first, according to this book for kids, is “A world of things too small to see.” To the second: “The never ever ending sky.” I hope you understand how trite both of those are. There are real answers. In fact, there is one answer to both questions. An overarching, and an underpinning. A first, and a last. A beginning, and an end.


You began one year ago. Now we get to count: 1. If you live average, you’ll have 70-ish more of these. There are a thousand decisions that increase or decrease that number. My great-grandmother lived to be 101. She jogged each day until she was 97. My mother attributes her health to her positive attitude. As miraculous as this longevity is, the goal of life is not more days or more years. It is good days. You have already had so many good days.


You broke your mother, you know. In more ways than one. But the pain let you graft into her in a way too precious for me to covet. Even if I must admire the bond you share at a distance, it is worth it. This year has been the story of you, beginning, but it has also been the story of her, changing chapters. I would pick no better son to hurt her than you, and no more constant warmth, no more ambitious mind to challenge her and nestle into her than you.

You are the miracle.


- Shannon



A tired word for tired people.

Code for uncanny/incredible/can't.

A name for an event I must admit

makes me believe the supernatural exists.

You were born 1 year and 34 minutes ago.

I caught you.

You were a tired word born to tired people.

You stood for the incredible.

You were an event I must admit

made me believe the supernatural exists.

You traipse through the days,

hunkered into my elbow crook.

You while toward time I do not have

and you find it for me.

You careen frequently,

veer on and off my path

at the most inconvenient intervals.

You furl up to say goodnight once a day

like clockwork conjured

from some preimagined rhythm.

You tinge everything with smile,

mull the click of buckles,

find the kilter in the sleep cycle,

and hoodwink me with wink-attempts

and chuckles.

You are a fresh take on stale speech.

You stand for the simple.

You are an event I still admit

makes me believe God exists.

- Evan

Happy Mother's Day, Shannon

A tree does not know where its seed will take root.

A flower does not decide which bee will bear its fruit.

A mother cannot bring about a vision for her child,

no matter how she bends the truth.

A bird does not trust its sons forever to the nest.

A fox has not the weave with which to keep her daughter dressed.

A mother cannot promise funds or firmness of the future,

but these are not the sources of her rest.

A star will die in chaos without all sense of direction.

A night gives birth to morning but makes no vain prediction.

A mother knows not what tomorrow is,

but still she keeps conviction.

She believes beyond all vacuums,

because of patterns, hopes and hints

that there exists a stronger love

than she could provenance. 

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What Begins in Ceremony


There is no history

between us

my experience of you is one continuous loop.

There never was before you

There will be nothing after.

Thus the Apostle's Mystery:

It may be too much to ascribe

to another person,

too divine to live firsthand.

But God the man makes a bride of mankind:

who am I to belittle what he planned?

I am now always wed to you.

I am always of a bed with you.

I am tomorrow always head to you.


is an eternal setting

in the story of the heart.

This is what the children of all the divorced know:

Why can it not be with whom you said it would be?

May our children never know it.

What begins in ceremony never dies.

It only gets belied.

What grows in covenant never decays.

It only gets betrayed.

There are promises and mistakes,

Oaths and their oathbreaks.

May he bind the cords again tonight

In a moment unfit to share with anyone else.

May he write the words again tonight

In a poem meant only for us

So we know a little better

What it is to be chosen

And never lied to or betrayed -

A selection once done, ever frozen

In time.

What awe it is to be loved -

A beginning with no end.

Endless beginnings as far as the eye can see.

All beginning, 

No end.

"Behold, I am making all things new."

Once more: I love you.

I love you.

I love you.



As yet

you see my love

as an unlanguaged blur.

You find its lines

only in the shape of my face,

its warmth in my palms.

Some day I will try to tell you

how big it was,

the holding in the night,

the patient waiting 

for the cries to subside.

My parents did the same.

It is impossible 

to fully comprehend

the scale of love 

before we know we are


at all.

For me,

I deceive myself

into the idea that I know enough

to manage my own humanness.

Really, even the smallest corners

of what I cannot see

dwarf the crannies of my mind.

In the niche nooks of knowledge,

some days I can begin 

to see myself in my son:

the fury over things

that do not last,

the joy over things

that are insignificant

but are made magnificent

by that same joy.

And on those days

I sense the presence,


unworded -

but constant,

known -

wishing me into growth,

loving me in

to life.

I love you, Wesley.

I love you, Wesley.

Happy Birthday, Shannon

Got gifted a big date where the dessert was smokey and looked like dirt but tasted like chocolate.

Got gifted a big date where the dessert was smokey and looked like dirt but tasted like chocolate.

The Second Time Around

You gave it your best

shot across the bow.

But you are caught between then

and tomorrow and now.

You swam among sharks

circling you in water and in dreams.

But you are spinning in an arc

so fast you're splitting at the seams.

Before you come undone, out of touch

or before you touch the ground:

Remember this is a new decade of your life.

"You always build it better

the second time around."

Welcome to the big 3-0.

Welcome to the big 3-0.

Valentine's Date

You turned and said

How will we hear this music

after we leave?

The next artist

talked about the state of the world today


How bad.

The magic of a moment

or its misery -

Neither remain.

After the earth

After the earth 

has shed its skin, 

I will roam its raw rebirth.

Step over steppe, 

touch over tundra,

trace channels, 

walk along waters.

I will find no death,

no war, 

no silent killers of souls - 

the secrets 

every culture, every country holds.

On a business trip

When her fire is burnt out

and in this cold taxi

and with this cold distance

I have no heat left to give her,

be Warmth


Huddle against the hurtling chill

the freezer breeze brings its own kind

of charm,

candles in the night

early dark and slower Dawn

Christmas, cinnamon, steam

and all the hope we need to carry on.

For my nephew, Hudson

Some stories

have dying 

in them.

Not all stories.

Today's story did.

Some stories

you will make,

some stories

will be made for you.

All stories 

will shape you.

Some stories

have dying

in them.

All stories

have living

in them.

Most stories

have living

and then dying.

One story

has dying

and then living.

Keep looking

for the story

that has dying

and then living

and living

and living.