My dad turns 60.


In the strange process of selecting a person

to symbolize the past, present or future,

there are two things to consider:

who has more?

And who is in each?


Wesley is in your past and mine,

but has more future than us both.

Your age is in his future and mine,

but you have more history than us both.

Are you Future or Past?


There is a symmetry to the question:

you are the base or the peak of the pyramid,

depending on the flip.

You are First of us three,

or you are Last.


You are the Still

before my Steady,

his Spry.

Among our Crawl, Walk, Run,

you are the Fast.


There is symmetry to the equation:

zero to thirty to sixty.

Three equidistant generations

of men, perhaps some meaning

in the math.


But whatever the Future,

whatever the Past,

I’m grateful in the Present

that you’re here,

in wisdom, conversation,

feeling and thought.